NLB Call No.: STI

The story is set in England eight years after The Change. You soon learn that in 1998, technology suddenly failed on earth. Electricity, combustion engines, explosives and all technology that comes after that suddenly and inexplicably fails to work.

Society collapses, some revert to cannabilism. But people soon manage to pick themselves up. Like in the novel’s setting, Post-change England has reverted to its 15th century roots, where the survivors and the ruling classes often have military or criminal backgrounds.

The novel has bits of history of the English royals and nobels’ lineage thrown in. Even Tolkien!

Character names:
Sir Loring, John Hordle (ex-SAS soldiers, now post-change knights)
KillerBear clan

Singapore was mentioned in p. 411

“… Anything that had a population of over a quarter million is dead, and has a dead zone around it. The bigger the city, the bigger the dead zone… Most of Europe west of the Vistula, both sides of the Mediterranean, pretty well all the Middle East, Turkey, Japan, Korea, eastern China… Well, there’s Singapore, but that was a special case–they all moved out in an organized mass.

Lord Protector Arminger–Nigel Loring assumed that was a bit of a joke–nodded graciously.”