Founded in 1912 by Harriet Monroe. A publication of the Poetry Foundation.

Magazine costs USD$35 per year.

I read vol 190, No. 2 – May 2007 issue.

This issue featured 14 poems and 3 commentaries/ poetry book review.

Also letters from readers, a few ads, calls for submissions for awards administered by the Poetry Foundation (like the Emily Dickenson First Book Award, and the Verse Drama Prize).

The “Exchange” section (under Comments) was a first in the May 2007 issue (or maybe the title of the series “Pure Products” was a first) – “… We are bringing poets of different aesthetics together to discuss new books. The format is as follows: each poet chooses a book he or she can wholeheartedly support and writes an eight-hundred word review of it; the exchanges follow the completed reviews”, and the poet who has chosen the book under discussion gets the last word.”

The exchanges (email, perhaps) between Ange Mlinko and David Yezzi were more interesting than the book being discussed, at least for me. At some points, there were verbal spats but still civil.