ISBN: 1844802132
NLB Call No.: 700.688 KOL -[ART]


“… Societal changes are forcing cultural org to revisit their marketing strategies because they have resulted in a new type of customer: the cultural consumer. Cultural consumers owe no allegiance to any particular art form or even to art in general. They want a cultural experience but only if it also entertains. And because they are constantly bombarded with media messages, cultural consumers must be reached in new and different ways.”

I learned about this book when I read this High Browse Online post.

In the book, the change being referred to:
“A decline in patrons” i.e. those who support arts “out of sense of resp or high moral purpose” to those who consume culture — interested in arts but want to be entertained; attend a rock concert one night and opera the next.

There are specific case studies on how cultural institutions have adapted.

The book isn’t bursting with ideas. But there are some insights and ideas on what’s been done in the UK context. It’s published in 2004, but still relevant if you read it now.