Read the July 2005 issue.

There’s something about referring to so-called outdated magazines. Not quite a walk down memory lane (they aren’t old enough) but far enough into the past (two years in computing terms is what? 10 years in human terms?) to make you go “oh, I remember that” or “I’m still using this?!”

Lots of product & software reviews (shareware & freebies included, but mostly stuff you have to pay, naturally)

A ‘How To’ section featuring Mac related Q&As.

p 56 – 58: Creating a Dashboard Widget

p.11 – on podcasts:

  1. The Maccast –
  2. Machelp from Hawaii –
  3. My Mac Guys –
  4. One Minute Tip –
  5. Your Mac Life –

p13 – 27: tips & tricks of using the various OS X utilities and features like Spotlight, Finder, iChat, Tiger DVD Player (I have that?!), avoiding problems with iSync, Preview (stuff I didn’t know about like Text & Oval Annotation)

(That reminds me — I must backup my drive!)

p 28. “Field guide to search engines” – 14 of them, none of them Google or Yahoo!