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Stanley Schmidt’s editorial “The real and the readable”
“Realism in stories is important and commendable, as long as you interpret it as maximizing verisimilitude in portraying interesting situations. But you must not interpret it as limiting yourself to the commonest and dullest situation, and depicting every excruciating detail of those exactly as they would happen. Without readability, none of the rest matters.”

“The most fluent talkers or the most plausible reasoners are not always the fastest thinkers.” William Hazlitt. p. 7

(title was from H. G. Wells’ The Invisible Man) The little white nerves went last – John Barnes “Springer universe
This issue was the last of the 4 parter (I think it’s 4 part). If the novel is out, I’d want to read it. aintellects, psypyx implantation (where your memories and personality is backed-up and if something happens to your physical body, your backup is transplanted onto a host — you share thoughts and physical)

Recommended reads from “The Reference Library” section by Tom Easton:

  1. Counting Heads/ David Marusek (has a blog) 0765312670
  2. Voidfarer/ Sean McMullen 0765314371
  3. Dragon America/ Mike Resnick (Easton says “not a serious bone in its body, good fun, and a fast read”)
  4. Moon’s Web/ C. T. Adams and Cathy Clamp 0765349140 “ripping good read, with enough action and suspense for anyone”
  5. Orphan’s Destiny (sequeal to Orphanage)/ Robert Buettner 0446614300″should satisfy unrepentant fans of Heinlein’s Starship Troopers, Haldeman’s Forever War, and the like”
  6. Anatomy of wonder: A critical guide to Science Fiction (5th ed.) Neil Barron, ed. 15911581710 “highly recommended — warts and all — to anyone interested in the history and scholarship of the field. An essential acquisition for libraries of all kinds”
  7. The E-bomb: How America’s new directed energy weapons will change the way future wars will be fought/ Doug Beason 0306814021 “the theme is lasers, microwaves, and force fields (or pain-causing energy beams)”