I’ve never managed to read this one until now. And it reminded me why I love Heinlein’s works.

Starman Jones by Robert A. Heinlein
ISBN: 1416505504
NLB Call No.: HEI

The plot, in brief:

Young Max Jones runs away from home to fulfil his dream of spacing. Ends up bluffing his way (with unexpected help) and crewing a luxury starship. He somehow gets bumped up to be a navigator and then an astrogator. Has a talent for memorising things and becomes friends with some of the ship’s key personnel (and makes an enemy too). The starship later becomes lost and they are stranded on a planet that seemed harmless, or so they thought.

This is an easy read. I’d even say it’s a YP book. The plot is relatively straight-forward. There’s no complicated plot twists or turns. That doesn’t mean it isn’t enjoyable. In fact, I looked forward to reading the book each time I had to put it down (my morning commute to work became very enjoyable!)

Though at the start, it was a little slow for me, for some reason. But that quickly changed and as Max developed in character, and revealed his talent, the story become more interesting. Plus a love interest thrown in.

Heinlein blends good storytelling with credible scientific concepts. For instance, the concept behind “Space Folding”.

Nice book. Gonna look for another Heinlein book again 🙂