Book Three of the “Tales of the Otori” trilogy. To be honest, the first book was really enjoyable. The second was still nice but I was scanning some pages quite quickly. The third was more like “let me just skip to the end to see what happens”. Of course I finished the book but it was more to obtain closure.

NLB Call No.: HEA
ISBN: 0330426931

However, that’s not to say this is not worth reading. On the whole, the trilogy is way better than some trilogies that some “branded” ones that shall be unnamed. I think the problem with the “Tales of the Otori” was that by Book Three, the plot was predictable. Afterall, you keep reading that Takeo won’t be killed, except by his own son (who’s just a newborn in the story).

The plot, in one five sentences: Takeo and Kaeda gets married against the wishes of the other warlords. Takeo goes to war. Kaeda gets abducted. They are separated. They get back again.

OK, in case the author Lian Hern finds his her way to this blog — I hope he she doesn’t get offended by my “review”. As I wrote in this first post, I’d readily recommend the trilogy to those who like to read heroic warrior-adventure stories, especially if based on Japanese culture and myths.

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