This book continues from where the first book left off. The plot still intrigues but doesn’t reveal anything new or novel, unlike what I felt from reading the first. But enjoyable nonetheless.
NLB Call No.: HEA
ISBN: 0330427342


Takeo’s mentor and adopted father is dead. Betrayed and ruthlessly killed by the warlord Iida Sadamu, who was in turn killed by Takeo and Lady Kaeda. Lady Kaeda returns to her home, almost gets raped and killed by her father (who’s become mad). She tries to assume power but has to deal with the conservative warlords. She meets the exiled nobleman, Lord Fujiwara, who seems to take her under his wing. Warlord Arai Daiichi, uncomfortable of the existence of The Tribe, pursues a policy of exterminating them. He is also after Takeo, who vanishes and is now unwillingly following The Tribe. Takeo studies under them but escapes in the end. He reunites with Kaeda.

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