ISBN: 0515139645
NLB Call No.: HAR – [TH] (Classifed as “Thriller”)


The plot, in brief: In the first novel, it was Delta Force Vs. Osama Bin Laden. For this one, it’s Delta Force Vs. Saddam Hussein. Now, Delta Force operatives are sent deep into Iraq as a prelude to Operation Iraqi Freedom (hence, the title), to soften up elements of the Iraqi forces. The Delta Forces team manages to capture the two sons of Saddam Hussein — Uday and Qusay — quite by accident. Their new mission is to bring the sons of Saddam, alive, back to friendly territory. The Delta Force operatives lose communication with HQ. Basically their original mission has just gone to pieces. A rescue mission is organised to extract them back to friendly grounds. Along the way, they have to elude the equivalent of the Iraqi Special Forces, the Desert Wolves. And later a betrayal by a hired mercenary.

I enjoyed this novel better than the first one, in terms of the way the novel is planned and edited, and the plot (the first one wasn’t bad at all, provided I reminded myself to suspend my disbelief).

The story switches between the perspective of the characters in Iraq, and with those back in the U.S. (the generals and the politicians). It made the novel that much more exciting. I don’t think there was any point where I felt the novel got tedious.

Plot-wise, I like how it borrows from actual events (like the death of Saddam’s sons).

A few familiar characters back in action in this novel. We have Colonel Roscoe G. Spangler called back from retirement. Lieutenant Poole (now leading the Delta Force team). Even Ramsey Baker and Night Runner are back.

Ex-Delta Ramsey Baker lost his arm in first novel. Night Runner is now ex-Marine, having lost his arm in another secret mission, and now he’s a drunk. The two of them have been handpicked by Colonel Spangler to be part of the rescue mission. This part was a little weird. Quite unbelievable, but still Harriman manages to pull it off. I guess it’s like watching Rambo. You don’t expect it to be real.

Enjoyable book nonetheless.

This second novel stands by itself adequately without you having to read the first. Although you’ll have a better understanding of certain references (especially to characters) if you’ve read the earlier novel:
ISBN: 0515136573
NLB Call No.: HAR – [TH]