This is 200 over pages of sheer delight. It is what I’d truly consider a “Graphic Novel”. The plot and storytelling can already stand on its own merit. Coupled with the artwork, it is like movie on print.
ISBN: 1563893428
NLB Call No.: q741.5973 BAT -[ART]

The plot: Batman, aka, Bruce Wayne, is now an old man as far as crime fighters go. He’s in his late 40s. Batman has disappeared from the scene. Police Commissioner Gordon is due for retirement in few months time. Crime in Gotham City slowly spirals out of control. Batman is forced (or perhaps unconsciously compelled) to come of our his self-imposed retirement. The City Mayor and the new police commissioner is up in arms against Batman. Reactions from the citizens of Gotham City are mixed. Some view his return as something overdue while some feel he’s part of the problem. The Joker also returns to the scene later on. There’s even a new Robin, but not quite the Robin we’re familiar with.

You have read this graphic novel to get a sense of the plots and sub-plots. Really a page turner. If there’s any shortcoming, it’s that the artwork seems rather raw and unfinished; as if it’s done in a hurry and more like pre-production drafts. But maybe that’s part of the gritty look to the whole book. It’s just a minor point though. This is good stuff.


  • Introduction by Frank Miller
  • Book One: The dark knight returns
  • Book Two: The dark knight triumphant
  • Book Three: Hunt the dark knight
  • Book Four: The dark knight falls
  • Gallery: The original covers
  • The original plot: The dark knight falls

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