When the movie first came out (in 2005), that was the first time I’ve heard of this graphic novel. I’d heard fans of the graphic novel were raving about the graphic novel. I finally managed to get hold of a copy. Now I understand why the graphic novel is so popular.

It’s truly “un-putdownable”. A 10-out-of-10. I found myself looking forward to going home each day, just so that I could continue reading the graphic novel. It was that good!
ISBN: 1401207928 (Hardcover)
NLB Call No.: 741.5942 MOO – [ART]

Alan Moore (writer), David Lloyd (art).

The plot: After a brief nuclear conflict, England went under Fascist rule. It became a police state, with citizens being monitored via surveillance cameras planted almost everywhere. The police have absolute powers of discretion and can mete out executions on the spot. But there’s a terrorist, code-named ‘V’ by the state, going around blowing up buildings and assassinating key personnel of the ruling party. You are kept in suspense on the background of ‘V’. At the end, ‘V’ was the one who releases England from tyranny. You sense that as much. But it’s how the end comes about — that you have to read to find out.

At the end of the graphic novel, there’s an article by Alan Moore, written when the V for Vendetta series was still in the midst of its run, on how the idea for ‘V for Vendetta’ came about. That article is worth the time to read too; he’s one chap with a wry sense of humour. In the article, Moore credits David Lloyd as being the other key pillar for the series:

“… if ever he [David] should decide to leave the strip there is not the remotest possibility of my working with anyone else upon it. V is something that happens at the point where my warped personality meets DAvid’s warped personality, and it is something that neither of us could do wither by ourselves or working with another artist or writer.”

The suspense builds as the story unfolds. There are hints of secret experiments. But to say anything more is to give away more than I should. It would really diminish your enjoyment.

Go read this. Especially if you like speculative fiction, combined with bits of mystery and political thriller.

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