I learned about ‘The Authority’ after reading Warren EllisStormwatch series. This one doesn’t disappoint either.
The authority: Relentless (Book one)
ISBN: 1563896613
NLB Call No.: 741.5973 AUT -[ART]

Warren Ellis (writer), Bryan Hitch (Penciler), Paul Neary (Inker), and Laura Depuy (Colourist).

The plot: The story takes places after Stormwatch has been disbanded. Or so it seems. New York City comes under attack by hordes of super-humans — clones with enhanced abilities, manufactured by the psychotic and egoistical ruler Gamorra Island. Jenny Sparks, of the original Stormwatch, has been secretly keeping tabs on what’s happening. She activates her team, now known as The Authority (along with super-humans Jack Hawksmoor, The Doctor, Swift, The Engineer, Apollo, and The Midnighter).

The plot is pure Fantasy/ Science Fiction, but the characters (even with their super powers) are absolutely believable, I felt. For instance, Jenny Sparks, the leader of The Authority. The writing, dialogues, and the art work made her so terrifying. And so real. At the end of the graphic novel, I look up and smile at the wonders I’ve just experienced.

Now that’s good storytelling.

More details at Amazon.com. You might want to read the Stormwatch series too.