Those familiar with the Fantastic Four would enjoy this graphic novel. It’s a good example of an “oldie” given a contemporary twist. Far from being given an “alternate history” treatment, the twist is really in giving readers a modern perspective of how the Fantastic Four came to terms with their new found powers.
ISBN: 0785117032
NLB Call No.: 741.5973 CAS – [ART]

Joe Casey (writer), Chris Weston (Pencils), and Gary Erskine (Inker).

The plot: It starts just at the time when the Fantastic Four have just returned to earth after their seemingly near-disaster out in space. You learn how the four of them — Reed, Sue, Johnny and Ben — come to terms with their new powers. But first, they have to deal with how they might not be human anymore. The military keeps them under observation. Eventually Reed figures out how they’ve changed, and how they could control and harness their powers. You learn how their headquarters in the city got started (a deal with the military). The climax of the story was their battle with a powerful nemesis — a human who, like them, obtains fantastic abilities after being exposed to Gamma rays from a non-earth object.

From the onset, one aspect that sets the Fantastic Four story apart from most Super-hero stories of its day was its portrayal of the human emotions and emotional conflicts among the four of them. In this graphic novel, the conflicts are heightened. There’s greater character development. You see how each of them takes different approaches to come to terms with their new found powers (or in Ben’s case, he sees it as a curse and doesn’t seem to accept how he’s changed).

I’d rate this a 10 out of 10. Excellent plot and illustrations.

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