NLB Call No.: VON
ISBN: 0425161293

I found it written in wry humour. Enjoyable book. What’s different is that the story is presented in short notes (written from the protagonist’s viewpoint) that run from one word to one paragraph to perhaps three or four paragraphs at most. I think that kept the flow of an enjoyable story even smoother.

Statements like this grab at you:
“At the abrupt and humiliating and dishonorable end of the Vietnam War, I was a Lieutenant Colonel, with 1,000s and 1,000s of my own inferiors.”

“Another flaw in the human character is that everyone wants to build but nobody wants to do maintenance.”

“And the worse flaw is that we’re just plain dumb. Admit it! You think Auschwitz was intelligent?”

P.253 was quite clever — shows a table with names of WWII leaders (Churchill, Hitler, Roosevelt, Il Duce, Stalin, Tojo) at the top. And down each column were statistics like the year they were born, their age, the year they took office and how many years they were in office. Adding each column up came to be 3,888 for each of the names.

“Whoever invented the charted then pointed out that half that number was 1944, the year the war ended, and that the first letters of the names of the war’s leaders spelled the name of the Supreme Ruler of the Universe.”

“Just because some of us can read and write and do a little math, that doesn’t mean we deserve to conquer the Universe.”

No time to post a synopsis, so go check out’s.