I’ve become a fan of the Batman graphic novels because of this. Actually, it’s more accurate to say that I’m a fan of the writer and the inker. Batman was created by the late Bob Kane, but it’s the regular stream of writers, pencilers, inkers, letterers, and colourists who keep the series alive (and of course, the dough rolling for DC comics).

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I’ve not read Hush Vol.1. Nonetheless I was able to follow Vol.2. easily. Credit for Hush (volumes 1 and 2 goes to: Jeph Loeb, writer; Jim Lee, penciller; Scott Williams, inker; Richard Starkings, letterer; Alex Sinclair, colourist; Jim Lee & Scott Williams, original series covers).

Reading the introduction, you get a sense of what this series is about. Vol. 2 starts with Harlequin committing a robbery and killing Batman’s friend (a character introduced in this particular series). Then the action picks up, with just about every villain in the Batman universe appearing one after the other, all trying to kill Batman.

Basically, Hush is about an unknown villain who seems to know Batman’s closest fears and confidences, even his real identity, all in the

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