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ISBN: 0131440217
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A 2004 publication. Practically all US-developed vehicles, equipment (e.g. radar systems), and weaponry. Only one or two UK-developed systems. Each entry includes a photograph of the vehicle/ equipment, a description of its features, background, and technical specifications (including development costs). A very comprehensive guide, imho.

Part 1 covers vehicles ad equipment in current use. Part 2 covers those under development (I found part 2 the most interesting).

Part 1: Today’s Battlefield

  • Air warfare (17 entries. E.g. B-1B Lancer, AH-64D Apache Longbow, RQ-1 Predator, Military Strategic and Tactical Relay System, Navstar Global Positioning System)
  • Ground warfare (10 entries. E.g. M1A1 Abrams, Night Vision Goggles, Marine Corps Combat Identification System)
  • Munitions (13 entries. E.g. Bunker Buster, Sidewinder, Joint Standoff Weapon, Trident Fleet Ballistic Missile)
  • Naval warfare (8 entries. E.g. Nimitz-class Aircraft Carrier, Attack submarines, Sea Shadow)

Part 2: Tomorrow’s Battlefield

  • Air warfare (10 entries. E.g. F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, Organic Aircraft, Micro Air Vehicle, Hypersonic flight)
  • Ground warfare (9 entries. E.g. Future Combat Systems, Objective Force Warrior, Future Warrior, Human Identification at a Distance, Brain Machine Interfaces)
  • Munitions (4 entries – Affordable Moving Surface Target Engagement, Self-healing Minefield, Airborne Laser, Electronic Pulse)
  • Naval warfare (6 entries. E.g. Future Aircraft Carrier, Littoral Combat Ship, Long-term Mine Reconnaissance System)

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