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Bookmarks magazine
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This is a US publication. What’s most interesting is that this magazine features reviews and comments by readers (50 words max), accompanied by a “critical summary” section that’s written by the magazine editorial team. Talk about “engaging the reader”!

Also has a regular section that feature book clubs. But I thought there seems to be too many items being reviewed, and that overwhelms me. Overall I think this magazine succeeds in its book reviews. It made me want to read the featured books.

This issue featured Israeli author Amos Oz (seems I must pick up his books one of these days). Quote (featured in the article):

“Israelis read for rage, not necessarily for enjoyment. Maybe that’s the way literature is supposed to be read: for provocation.” ~ Amoz Oz, New York Times, 30 Dec 1993.

Contents/ Content headings:

  • letters from readers
  • book critics circle awards
  • younger readers
  • selections
  • lit at large (“current and upcoming books worthy of your attention”; has a ‘Movies from books’ subsection)
  • readers recommend (“have you read?” and “book group profile”)
  • experts advise
  • new books guide (fiction & non-fiction; selected genres and subjects. This issue featured Literary Fiction, Crime, SF, General, Biography, History, Science, Arts)
  • book by book (feature-article, on authors or essays)
  • index page (listings by titles)