The book lists Dr. Tan as the Assistant Professor at the National Institute of Education (NIE) — the institution that trains teachers for the Ministry of Education in Singapore.
NLB Call. No: SING 370.1523 TAN (Singapore collection)
ISBN: 9812104550

The introduction chapter has a good overview of educational development in Singapore. Terms them the Foundation phase (1965 – 1979), Efficiency-driven phase (1980 – 1997), and Ability-driven phase (1998 – current). Talks about the ‘Teach Less Learn More’ approach. Discusses the challenges in education & learning (need for research methods, a common platform and space for dialogue, and evidence-based education policy)

1 – Self-initiated learning
2 – Grouping & psycho-educational group
3 – Learning support prgrammes & sch counselors
4 – Problem-based learning & Project Work
5 – Learning with the Information Communications & Technologies (ICT)
6 – Does class size really matters
7 – Benefits of pre-referral interventions review here.

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