An angry rat, sometimes violent, often rude and sarcastic. A seemingly dumb pig (OK, really dumb). Zebras who try to think they can convince crocodiles to not eat them. A bunch of other animal characters. And the occasional parody of other well-known comic strips (where the rat takes over the strip).
NOTE: The NLB library classifies this as “Non-fiction”, under “Arts and Recreation”.
NLB Call No.: 741.5973 PAS [ART]
ISBN-10: 0740756745

That’s my impression of “Pearls before swine”. Oh, it’s funny too, and I think it’s “Even Better than Dilbert” funny (apparently, Scott Adams spread the word to his own fans, giving rise to the popularity of Stephan Pastis’ work! See this wikipedia entry.)
A Pearls before Swine Collection"
[From Page 10 of the book].

You can catch the comic strip at Yahoo! News too.

Etymology and meaning of the expression “Casting pearls before swine“.

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