I like this very much. Not so much for its humour (I’m not saying it’s not funny). I like it ‘cos I feel very… calm after reading it. Spot the frog seems to remind me of more innocent times.

NLB Call. No: 741.5 HEA -[ART]
NOTE: The NLB library classifies this as “Non-fiction”, under “Arts and Recreation”.
ISBN-10: 0740756850
Amazon.com review here

A list of the characters, from the United Feature Syndicate webpage.

Here’s the Spot the Frog Blog (“when reading the comic strip isn’t enough”) — the blog has shifted home twice (from blogger to typepad).
Spot the frog - The blog

Read more about Mark Heath here. See also an interview with Mark.

Mark Heath also has a book in the NLB lbraries titled “Drawing Cartoons” (Call No.: 741.5 HEA -[ART])

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