A book of the Riding for the Disabled Association of Singapore
ISBN: 981-04-7172-6
NLB Call No.: SING 798.23087 DOI
Published in: 2003

This book seemed to be as much about the horses, as the unique people who ride them. It isn’t about the therapeutic effects of riding, for people with disabilities (that is very much self-evident from the stories). It didn’t come across as a book on the Riding for the Disabled Association of Singapore (RDA). It’s about the people with disabilities, the horses, and the RDA instructors and volunteers.

But mostly it’s about the riders and the horses.

You’re quickly introduced to the riders first — the children and teens with various disabilities. You learn their names. You see their individual faces in the photos. Some of them look at the camera. Some appear caught up in their thoughts and quite moments. You learn of their conditions (so many types). You read comments from their caregivers and parents. Often there is little or no direct quotes from the riders themselves. The entries are concise and to the point. The various disabilities are stated factually.

You get to know the horses. Some of them come with a past, having retired or left the horse racing circuit due to injuries or disabilities. Like Kublai Khan, the gelding who suffers nose bleeds due to his blood pressure and dry coat; Kimba, who grew too large for polo; Annie the pony with a scarred hind leg; Tesoro the ex-race horse with damaged joints and ligaments.

If this book is about “what it means to do a little good”, then I think it has succeeded.

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