coverOther title: "The Alchemist: A fable about following your dreams" (which kind of tells you what's the story about).

Gist of story – The protoganist, a sherpard, has a dream. He gets his dream interpreted by a gypsy. Didn't believe the gypsy. But a self-proclaimed king speaks to him and says the same thing. The sherpard believes him and sells off his sheep. Ends up in a place where he gets swindled but he ends up working for a crystal shop and makes it good. He makes his way to eygpt but not before stopping by an oasis. He meets an Alchemist. Eventually he gets to eygpt and finds the treasure.

I think this is one book that you'll enjoy if you take time to comtemplate. I say this because personally, I wouldn't really appreciate the story if I'm strung out on caffeine.

Straight-forward storytelling and some might say the plot isn't fantastic. But the real strength of the Coelho's brand of storytelling is in how the reader has to analyse the story and read between the lines. You can say it's a drawn out parable. There's a morale to the story but you have to interpret it yourself.

A useful book for book discussions. You can get quite insightful discussions but I must say Coelho's works aren't everyone's cup of tea.

Rough Notes:

  • p3. he would have to start reading thicker books
  • P5. usually learn more from my sheep than from my books p10. father gave him money to start flock. Passing his dreams on. Which is OK, provided the other person's dream is the same. The problem comes when we try to impose our dreams on others.
  • p16. repeats this theme