Computer Arts MagazineI discovered this magazine by chance. Found it deposited in a bookbin. What a gem! It's a must-have for anyone who's into creating computer/ digital art or digital art enthusiasts, particularly those looking for ideas and tips on using the major design software like Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.

Each issue features tutorials (six of them, all very instructional, with the main one with superb step-by-step screens and instructions), product reviews (software & hardware), a section featuring submitted works by its readers (there's an open invitation to submit your work), opinion pieces, industry news and even book reviews (related to design). The accompanying CD-ROM contains software samples and plug-ins and graphic files (for the tutorials).

coverThere's some coverage of global news but the bulk of it is on the UK design and digital art scene (it is a UK publication afterall).

This magazine is often loaned out (including all past issues). I'm not surprised, given that it costs over £70 (or over SGD$197) for 12 issues and would cost maybe around SGD$20 per issue at newsstand prices. If you can't afford SGD$20 per issue, I think paying $1.55 reservation fee is a cool deal (except that you'll have to wait).

Selected highlights from Aug 2005, issue 112:

  • The first in a three-part series on creating photorealistic eyes in Photoshop, by Swedish Illustrator Linda Bergkvist (p62) [See also CGSociety Feature Tutorial]
  • How the "Bubble Girl" ad campaign was conceived for NEstle (p28)
  • Designing graphics for mobile phones (p72)
  • Article on "Starting Your Own Studio", on how to get started, where to seek funding and assistance (UK-based). Profiles those who've started their own design studios
  • Article on the evolution of the Penguin (the publisher) design icon. Shows how the icon has changed over the years since 1935
  • Tutorial on using Photoshop colour gradients (p56)
  • Creating tiled effects (p59)
  • Lighting and mapping (on Illustrator)
  • Step-by-step tutorial on using Photoshop to combine graphic elements with a stock photo. [something new that I learnt, about creating outer glow for lines and shapes in Photoshop: Layer-> LayerStyle-> Outer Glow]