I liked Billy Tan’s review so much that I decided to feature it here, even though I’ve not read the book.
Sounds like a real interesting book. I noticed about half the NLB collection was out on load when I last checked (must be because of the school holidays). Worth checking it out if you like Vampire Fiction. One is never ‘too adult’ to read good works, in case you were thinking it’s beneath an adult to read a YP book.

PeepsExcerpt from Billy’s blog post:

Author Scott Westerfeld may write young adult fiction, but the wit and concepts in this book just blew me away, teen-oriented or not. This is sci-fi by way of Cory Doctorow (also a fan of Westerfeld), where the future is just round the corner, and the science entirely plausible. Every alternate chapter is a short write-up of a different parasite, and never have I been more interested in the worms and bacteria living in my body, feeding in my brain and festering in my food. It’s truly gross, but bloody fascinating.

Here’s a link to Amazon’s excerpts from the book for a preview.
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